Watching Ion Channels Move

Voltage-clamp fluorometry is a recent technique in which fluorescence from a specific protein site and ionic current are tracked simultaneously to infer mechanism

Voltage Clamp Fluorometry

HoloLens in the Cardiac Catherization Lab at St. Louis Children's Hospital

Jon Silva, PhD and Jennifer Silva, MD are developing a new technology to increase accuracy and safety in the Cardiac Cath Lab at St. Louis Children's Hospital.

New Therapeutic Approach

About The Silva Lab

Engineering to Help Arrhythmia Patients

Cardiac arrhythmias are often caused at the molecular level by genetic mutations or drugs that affect the heart rhythm. While molecules interact at nanometer and nanosecond time-scales, the heart beat travels over centimeters over seconds. Bridging this time and spatial scale gap is a primary barrier to understanding arrhythmia and developing therapies. The Silva Lab conducts research with the goal of closing this time and spatial scale gap to better understand arrhythmia and develop therapies to help patients feel better and live longer.