The Silva Lab in the news

BME faculty take part in national COVID-19 research. “The Huebsch and Silva laboratories are collaborating with physicians at the Washington University School of Medicine to identify patients who are at risk for fatal arrhythmia from COVID-19 therapy.”

How an invention gets out of the lab and into the world: Mapping the Heart. “Jon and Jennifer Silva are behind the business SentiAR, which is creating a better way for doctors to see heart abnormalities.”

New model of irregular heartbeat could boost drug efficacy: “Jonathan Silva, a biomedical engineer in the McKelvey School of Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis, has developed the first computational model that shows the molecular groundwork of a popular drug’s effectiveness in a variety of ways.”

Edging closer to personalized medicine for patients with irregular heartbeat: “Biomedical engineer Jon Silva led an international team that determined which patients would benefit the most from a commonly used drug treatment.”

A sodium surprise: Engineers find unexpected result during cardiac research: “Silva and his colleagues found certain sodium subunits attached to the main protein in different places. It was an unexpected result that could lead to better drug delivery and efficacy for patients with heart arrhythmia.”

Common heart ailment target of new Washu Engineering research

Heart of the Matter: Silva Studying Genetic Mutiations: “What we’re trying to understand is how altering the movements of the sodium channel causes arrhythmia…We are trying to go all the way from the molecular level where the mutations are having an effect to the whole heart level, and it is very challenging.”

Awards and grants

Wandi Zhu received the Biophysical Society Student Research Achievement Award (2018).

The Silva Lab has received an RO1 award for 5 years with a total of $1.9M.  Read more about the research here.

The Children’s Discovery Institute has awarded us funds in total of 495k over 3 years in support of our augmented reality project. Thank you CDI for your support!

The Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences has awarded our lab a Just-In-Time Core Usage Program (JIT) grant for use with the Genome Engineering & iPSC Center at Washington University. Thanks to the ICTS and the GEiC for your assistance!

We are recipients of a Bear Cub grant during the second cycle! Thank you to the Skandalaris Center, the Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences, and the Center for Drug Discovery for your support!

Our lab has also been awarded a Grant-in-Aid (GIA) award from the American Heart Association (AHA). Thank you to the AHA for your continued support!